Create a comfortable outdoor space to withstand this winter!

Winter month's are approaching and your best way to spend it is being indoors cuddled up in the living room with warm blankets and pillows while binge watching a new TV show and you don’t even think about going outside. What if you can make[...]

Differences between Awnings and Shade Sails?

A retractable awning is a sun shade solution that is attached on a horizontal surface such as a wall, doorway, top of a window, or over a deck. Awnings elegantly extend your living space by acting as a retractable, roll-out roof. This system [...]

What Are External Blinds? The Differences Compared With Internal Blinds

An external blind is a type of window covering. It’s designed to be fitted on the outside of the building to prevent heat from making direct contact with the window. Meaning that external blinds can be designed to keep the heat out and the [...]

Why Spring Is The Best Time To Organise Your New Blinds and Awnings

Spring is a good time to invest in projects that prepare our homes for the warmer weather ahead – and one great way to do so is to start thinking about new sunshades and awnings for your home. Spring is in the air! The birds are singing[...]

How A New Sunroom Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

Adding a sunroom to your home is one of the best investments you can make to add value to your property – with the added bonus of improved comfort for you and your family. There’s no place like home. For many of us, our homes are our g[...]
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