We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, all of which are designed to ensure longevity

Our products are manufactured specifically to control extensive sun exposure and brightness, and to protect your windows, doors and outdoor areas from sun, wind and rain damage. We use high-quality materials and advanced technology to reduce heat build-up, block out wind and rain and reduce the glare.

Besides the day-to-day benefits, our products will save you money as you become less dependent on expensive and environmentally unfriendly air conditioners.

All shade solutions are backed up by a comprehensive warranty and can be supported with an ongoing maintenance schedule, if required.

comfortable space solutions

Extend, protect and provide, your comfortable spce solutions with stylish bespoke external & retractable sunshades
Cut out the sun. Stop the glare. Keep your view. Cut out the heat. Stop the fading. Keep your cool.
We specialise in a variety of shade solutions that cater to your different requirements and customise them to suit your taste & style.

retractable awnings - HORIZONTAL SOLUTIONS

Perfect to shade you from the blazing summer heat, folding arm systems can be used only when required. Using a simple, fold arm systems, your awning can be deployed over a large or small area. Designed to extend over your outdoor living space, a retractable awning means you can entertain guests, enjoy a meal or simply relax as a family without being subjected to the elements.

outdoor blinds - VERTICAL SOLUTIONS

From vertical to horizontal blinds or even custom-made blinds, we can design and manufacture the ideal outdoor shade solution for your home or business. Available in a variety of colours and styles, you are guaranteed to find a product that suits the architectural style of your property and your functional requirements.

skylight & PERGOLA

The main attraction of a sunroom & convservatory is the immense amount of sunlight that comes into it, however, when the light becomes too bright and the heat become unbearable, it is beneficial to have sunroom shades. These systems are retractable, which means you have the flexibility to use it only when required.

When it is an open space or patio, a retractable pergola system can be added effortlessly with the option of a retractable valence to blockout the low sun.

privacy screens & blackout blinds - INTERNAL SOLUTIONS

Whether it’s prying eyes or the sun’s harmful rays, Issey privacy screens help put you in control of your environment. Privacy screens are designed for all situations with a range of fabrics designed to help you retain your view while maintaining your privacy right through to 100% blockout to keep the world at bay. Internal and external applications are the most efficient way to reduce interior temperatures


Being true to its characteristics, Issey’s Millennial line is very flexible by adapting and beautifully conform to your home’s structure. There’s no complex structure we can’t handle. Isn’t that being Millennial?


Issey has done wonders in creating and launching shades for every Australian’s households.

Knowing Australians’ love for the water, as the country is surrounded by four major oceans and seas, Issey is proud to have developed a product that will protect your property on these coastal areas.

The Marine Shade is more resilient against corrosion in corrosive areas and gives it a sturdier and longer lifespan. Great aesthetics, protection of your property, and cost efficiency are what Issey’s Marine Shade can offer!

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