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Get complete and total darkness at the touch of a button.

There are times when we wish we could turn off the light from the sun and allow darkness to fill the room. Situations such as trying to watch the latest movie while glare reflects off the screen; needing to sleep during the day; or needing to give a visual presentation in a light- filled room call for a dark room on demand. Perfect for home theatres, surgeries, presentation rooms, bedrooms and boardrooms it provides night time conditions on demand. The retractable Blackout optimises a room as it can transform the space into multi use function, turning the home into your own private cinema.
The Issey Blackout is a retractable blind that provides a blackout effect. Used on windows or doors it protects from light, UV and infrared rays. Equipped with discreet brushes in its track systems, it ensures that your room is completely devoid of external light. When retracted, the room returns to daylight and the system is inconspicuously stored in its unobtrusive slimline headbox. Whether internal or external the blinds also help to dampen sound. External blinds do a superior job of keeping heat outside and reducing the need for air conditioning.

ISSEY BLACKOUT Premium Quality Made In Australia



 Internal and external applications

 Gap-free tracking system ensures no light leakage

 External Blackout blinds also help keep rooms cool and quiet.

 Can be smart-wired to into any home theatre or commercial AV system for presentation rooms.

 Blackout blinds help deaden room acoustics while cutting light completely.

 Hundreds of colour and finish options to suit any architecture.

 Fully motorised and virtually silent operation

 ‘Invisible’ headbox option lets the system completely disappear when not in use

 Graphic solutions provide limitless decor options for home or corporate environments


Urban residential

Professional presentation rooms

Day-cares and crèches

First-aid recovery rooms


Home cinemas



Manual crank


Building Management System (BMS)


The Blackout makes use of a specialised blackout fabric with outstanding durability and quality. There is a wide choice of ambience enhancing fabric to suit any situation. All fabrics used for the Blackout provides 100% blocking of the light. The Blackout’s fabric contains three layers that enables it to be UV resistant, anti static and fire resistant. There is a large selection of plain and stylish designer fabrics.


A vast range of cutting edge powder coating and anodising colours available. For optimum performance and perfect match with its surrounding architecture, all powder coating and anodising is done locally.

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