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Small skylights offer natural light to shine through creating a warm ambience; however they can often bring in too much heat or light. 

The Microsun is a retractable micro climate control system. It is ideal for small skylights. When fitted internally, the blind can stop light, glare and damaging UV rays. When mounted externally, the Microsun can also protect from heat gain. The fabric tensioning system also ensures that the fabric remains taut and resistant to wind. Used with a screen fabric, it still enables the benefits of natural light to filter through.
Its compact, sleek construction enables the system to blend seamlessly with its surrounding architecture, and its colour versatility gives you the design opportunity to make it blend seamlessly with any décor.

The Microsun can cover an area of 2.5m² with a maximum width of 1.8 metres and a drop of up to 1.8 metres. It is ideal for small skylights in offices and homes, sunrooms, greenhouses and courtyards.
When not in use it disappears into a slimline headbox making it virtually invisible so as not to detract from the existing architecture.

ISSEY MICROSUN Premium Quality Made In Australia_2



Tensioned fabric to minimise flapping in the wind

Guided fixed track for minimalist appearance

Motorised for simple operation

Full automation and smart-home options are available

Sleek, elegant design blends works with any décor

Over 200 colours available

Designer graphic options



Large skylights



Alfresco areas

Semi-Open spaces




Automatic Sensors & Remote

Building Management System (BMS)

A range of practical optional weather sensors makes the motorised MaxiZip easy to operate conveniently while extending its lifetime when fitted with the sun, wind or rain sensor.


The Microsun has the fabric secured to the side guides by a series of zips that run along a PVC profile. The series of stainless steel ensures perfect tension along both sides of the fabric. The fabrics are trendsetting and long-lasting colours that take your breath away. Issey fabrics stay looking attractive as the high quality pigments are already embedded into the basic fibres. A wide selection of colours and patterns are available with outstanding durability and colour fastness. For optimum blackout the acrylic fabrics are able to block 99.5% of the sun. While the screen fabrics range from 86% to 96% density blackout. Both acrylic and screen fabric provide heat, glare and UV protection. They are directly influenced by the colour of the fabric. The screen fabric is also rot and fungus proof and prevents dirt from building up.







A vast range of cutting edge powder coating and anodising colours available. For optimum performance and perfect match with its surrounding architecture, all powder coating and anodising is done locally.


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