Pergola Retractable Roof

Do you have a pergola at home? Are you looking for a sun shade system for your pergola?

If so, continue reading.


A pergola was a structure built to grow crawling plants on, but phew, what a maintenance nightmare.


Today, we use it for shading and design purposes.


But does it really serve its purpose?


Architecturally, yes it is a nice additional statement to your garden or outdoor area as it provides a sense of height and break up or define certain areas.


But from a shading perspective, we’d like to differ.

Not unless your pergola has fully grown plants on it that acts like shade, then we rest our case, but what about winter where we would welcome the sun to brighten up the space?


Most often, pergolas don’t provide shade at all. During extremely hot weather, homeowners find it unbearable to use.

The outdoor area that is deemed to be used for relaxation, entertaining guests, backyard BBQs, and outdoor family bonding becomes an empty hot place.


Now, how do we solve this problem? Install a shading system!

Hang on…installing a shading system may affect its appearance…


That’s where we come in. Our MaxiZip is perfect for pergolas and glass observatories.

It’s 100% customisable and guarantees to preserve the look on your pergolas and even enhance it.

MaxiZip provides a retractable shade system to your pergola whenever you need it.


You may be thinking, “this is just another automated shading product” no, this is not your usual automated shading product. MaxiZip is built to last and it does not flap! It’s Zip system secures the fabric firmly, eliminating the flap and increasing its strength. No more annoying flapping noise. What does that ultimately mean? No more interrupted quality time with your family by heat-wave or showers!

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