Case Studies

Commercial – Australian Institute of Management, Floreat, Western Australia

The Australian Institute of Management offer a variety of management courses and seminars. Their head office is in Floreat and they had an existing courtyard next to their main building that did not have cover. On rainy days it would be wet outside and the area would not be able to be used, all the chairs and tables would be wet and in summer the direct sunlight and heat made the courtyard unpleasant to sit in.

Issey developed a Star retractable roof system for the institute to use. The system is fully waterproof allowing the courtyard to be used on wet days and to keep the table and chairs dry. On hot summer days they are able to sit in the shade and let the breeze flow freely. The Star system allows them to experience the best of both worlds any time of the year.

The Australian Institute of Management were very satisfied with their system and it utilised a previously unused area. The retractable roof allowed them to open the roof and allow the light in and close the roof for shelter during wet or hot days.

Residential – Skylight, Booragoon, Western Australia

A client in Western Australia needed an effective, aesthetically pleasing solution for a large pitched skylight, which was producing sun and heat issues throughout their home. They wanted to block the sun’s glare and control the house’s temperature, while still retaining the purpose of a skylight – to enjoy its natural light. While it had to be practical, they wanted a solution that complemented the house’s modern style.

Issey installed four Maxisun glass roof awnings (3.985m x 3.9m, with a span of 7.97m x 3.9m), on either side of the pitched skylight. As the skylight’s glass could not have pressure on it. the sun shading system had to be installed from above  the window. Issey’s installers used a 42-metre cherry picker to install the awnings. The systems are motorised and equipped with wind and sun sensors detect when the window needs shade, and when the conditions are too windy for the system to be extended.

Each Maxisun is fitted with a Sunworker see-through fabric to block heat and glare, while allowing natural light in. The slimline headbox on each Maxisun system protects against weathering and prolongs the life of each awning. Issey’s sun shading systems controlled heat and glare, and block harmful UV rays.

Issey’s solution addressed the heat, glare and comfort issues.

Crest Birubi Beach

Hospitality – Crest Birubi Beach, Newcastle, New South Wales

The ocean-front Crest Birubi Beach Cafe used umbrellas and chairs in its outdoor area. Due to the location’s strong winds and risk of blowing them away, the umbrellas and chairs would have to be set up and pulled down each day. As the sun and shade moves throughout the day, the umbrellas did not provide sufficient shelter.

Issey custom designed two star retractable roof systems (10m wide with a 5m roll out) that joined together and sealed to create a single roof. This not only addressed the sun and shade issues, but creating a permanent fixture removed the need to set up and pull down the umbrellas and chairs each day. It also extended the cafe’s covered area by 210 square metres, allowing the client to increase its patronage.

Given the ocean-front conditions, most components had to be made from aluminium and stainless steel. The parts that could not were galvanised primed and powder coated to protect it from the elements near the ocean.

Issey’s solution addressed the sun and shade issues, and removed the need to set up and pull down the umbrellas and chairs each day. It also extended the cafe’s covered area by 210 square metres, allowing the clients to increase its patronage, and therefore, revenue.

This solution is an attractive practical option that adds style and value to the cafe.

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