Winter month’s are approaching and your best way to spend it is being indoors cuddled up in the living room with warm blankets and pillows while binge watching a new TV show and you don’t even think about going outside. What if you can make your outdoor area just as warm and protected from rain and wind like your living room? Where you don’t have to be restrained into one living space of your house based on the seasons. Here are some solutions to help you utilise your outdoor space and a sure way of impressing your family and friends this winter!

  1.  Retractable Roofs 

Placing a retractable roof in your outdoor area allows you to be flexible as it gives you more design options. Keeping it retracted on a nice warm sunny day and extend it during the cold winter months. Creating shelter by preventing rain from entering the space.

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2. Glass doors/ Zipscreens

To add onto the retractable roof place sliding doors on all the sides that are exposed to the environment. By placing the glass doors into the structure, it helps block out any wind from entering the area. Keeping the outdoor environment feeling more like your warm and cosy living room. By adding glass doors in, it helps maintain your beautiful outdoor view and it also gives you the feeling that your still outside and not closed off in a room all winter long. But rather that your outside and enjoying the fresh air.

If you’re not interested in having glass doors there is always a retractable blind that can be placed to withstand the wind. Such as a zipscreen they are designed to keep the fabric in the tracks while also helping to keep the insects out. Both glass doors and zipscreens provide the same solution but with zipscreens its more customisable as you decide on the colour of the fabric and the frame finish, and you get to decide on how much you’d want to see through it.

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3. Heater

To stay warm outdoors this winter placing heaters inside this undercover area will help keep you warm and cosy. Even during the coldest months and nights you can stay outside with these heaters as they will keep the enclosed area nice and warm for you and friends to enjoy all winter long.

4. Lights

If you plan to use this space outside you can add lights by either choosing a roof system with lights such as the Issey Star system or by placing your own lamps and light fixtures throughout the space. The light feature enhances the design of the space as it gives it a homely lifestyle ambience making it a space where you can feel comfortable in. It also allows you to use the space as an outdoor entertaining area without having to worry about what time the sun will go down as you can turn the lights on when needed.


To make the space feel as it’s your living room it’s important that you furnish it with comfortable outdoor furniture. The furniture should represent how you want the space to feel, whether it’s a comfortable space just for you or an entertaining area for all your family and friends. It’s always a good option to choose a lounge couch that allows you to put your feet up on the couch and read a book while drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate. While also having enough room for others to join you.