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The Issey Vertiroll is an external retractable tensioned vertical screen – effectively a sunshade that acts as a retractable shelter, windbreak or internal partition.

Typically used for the sides of patios and pergolas it provides outstanding protection for these semi-open spaces. The screen shelters the area from direct heat, glare and UV rays as well as wind and rain elements vastly improving comfort and practical usability of the area.

Vertiroll is a timeless design that does it big in size and result. It’s suitable to be used for balconies, verandas, pergolas, semi-open spaces, and can also be used as a divider. It’s designed to create shade to large openings, while the outdoor view is still maintained. The Vertiroll allows the outdoor view and natural light to filter through. When completely rolled down it creates a protected ambiance.

There are two types of Vertiroll awnings, Vertiroll BX and Vertiroll ST. The Vertiroll BX is mainly for face and ceiling fit as the fabric rolls into a big span headbox. The Vertiroll ST is in brackets only, normally used for recess fit (ceiling space) where no headbox is required. The retractable tensioned screen can span up to 6 metres in width.

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Tensioned screen minimises flapping of system in the wind

Slimline, unobtrusive headbox protects and prolongs the life of the system

Able to cover large areas in one piece, it spans up to 6m with no gaps

Encloses open spaces, optimising your outdoor living and entertainment areas

See-through fabric allows for heat and glare protection with the enjoyment of the view


✓ Verandas

✓ Pergolas

✓ Patios

✓ Semi-open spaces

✓ Cafes

✓ Colonnades


✓ Manual crank

✓ Motorised 

✓ Automatic Sensors & Remotes

✓ Building Management System (BMS)

A range of practical optional weather sensors makes the Vertiroll easy to operate conveniently while extending its lifetime when fitted with sun, wind, or rain sensor.


Trendsetting long-lasting colours that take your breath away. Issey fabrics stay looking attractive as the high quality pigments are already embedded into basic fabrics. A wide selection of colours and patterns are available with outstanding durability and colour fastness. The best suitable fabric for Vertiroll is screen as it leaves the view still visible. The screen fabrics sunblock out can range from 86% to 96%. The acrylic fabric blocks the sun up to 99.5% and creates shade. Both acrylic and screen fabric provide heat, glare and UV protection. They are directly influenced by the colour of the fabric. The screen fabric is also rot and fungus proof and prevents dirt from building up. The fabric comes in a large range of plain and designer stripes.



A vast range of cutting edge powder coating and anodising colours available. For optimum performance and perfect match with its surrounding architecture, all powder coating and anodising is done locally.

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