Retractable Outdoor Blinds for Patios in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Improve protection from heat, glare, UV rays and sticky-beaks. These minimalist blinds have been a favourite with designers for over 20 years.

Today they’re viewed as textbook examples of restrained yet functional design. The clean lines mean their impact on a building’s facade is minimal, while providing superior protection from glare, heat. UV rays, wind and rain.

We are the shade, shelter and privacy specialists

Our innovative designs don’t just stop at patio blinds.

Whether you’re in need of sunroom shades, retractable awnings, privacy screens or retractable all weather shades, our goal is to provide a seamless service that combines exceptional customer experiences, high quality technology and attractive design.

Take a look at our huge range of options today to see what would be best for your home.


Why our premium retractable vertical screens are hard to beat

  • Instantly cuts glare and heat
  • External shading is by far the most efficient way to reduce interior temperatures
  • Looks great from both sides
  • The taut, flat design helps the blind’s transparency, so you can see the view beyond
  • The crisp minimal design looks stunning from the outside
  • Spanning up to 6.5m with no gaps and have a vertical drop of drop 4m
  • Fabric choices can cut UV rays by up to 99% and by fitting them externally they reduce infrared penetration too.
  • Tensioned cables hold the blinds steadfast even in a vigorous breeze
  • Outdoor living spaces get an extra layer of protection against wind and rain. External blinds reduce uncomfortable wind gusts yet micro-holes allow air circulation preventing heat build up

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