Epitomising style and sophistication, Issey is a market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of premium shade, shelter and privacy solutions.

Heralded by 25 years of proven success, Issey provides well-conceived, bespoke solutions to the residential, hospitality and commercial markets.

With its name inspired by innovative Japanese designer, Issey Miyake, Issey marries complex componentry with carefully finessed design to create sleek, elegant solutions without compromising functionality.

Founder Lane van den Akker conceives, designs and engineers each Issey product to ensure they are practical and durable, yet sophisticated. His intuitive understanding of material properties and extensive technical expertise enables him to continually modify and improve designs to develop progressive, intelligent solutions.

Combining European components and exquisite colours with local design and manufacture, Issey’s products exemplify durability, efficacy and style.

Issey assesses each customer in terms of their needs and priorities, tailors a solution for them, working within limitations, whether physical, environmental or financial.

Driving continuous improvement across its products, processes, staff and ethos, Issey innovates, designs and manufactures to provide market-leading products and deliver a great experience and lifestyle for its customers.


We marry technical expertise with aesthetic design to enhance our products and lifestyle they provide.


We deliver exquisite shade and shelter solutions that offer both a sophisticated product and lifestyle.

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