An external blind is a type of window covering. It’s designed to be fitted on the outside of the building to prevent heat from making direct contact with the window. Meaning that external blinds can be designed to keep the heat out and the cool air in. They can also let breeze through whilst blocking harmful sun rays. This sun shade solution provides a simple and professional finish, and offers greater stylistic flexibility. External blinds are multi-purpose blinds as there are various benefits to them some of which include:

  1. Prevents Overheating

If you are looking for a solution to keeping your room temperature cool and prevent overheating during the summer months than an external sun shade solution is your best bet. By having an external fabric, it stops the sun from making direct contact with the window which prevents any heat transferring straight into the room. The fabric reflects the heat back out, keeping the room nice and cool during the scorching summer months.

  1. Prevents Fading

With an external blind, you can be sure that your expensive furniture, flooring, and personal belongings will be in top condition as there is no direct sunlight to cause any product fading. Issey fabrics stay looking attractive long after they’ve been installed as the high-quality pigments are already embedded into the basic fibres. These pigments prevent any fading of furniture and carpets and is suitable for any situation, from outdoor awnings to interior blinds.

  1. Weather Protection

An external blind that is installed on your balcony or patio can lead to benefits such as all-weather protection for your outdoor furniture. By having an external blind placed outdoors in front of your furniture they can block out the sun, rain, and wind from making direct contact with the furniture. Leaving your furniture looking new with no damage caused to it by the year-round climate changes.

  1. Maximise Outdoor Space

You can maximise your outdoor space by placing an external blind on your balcony or patio area. This creates an outdoor space that is as comfortable and safe as your living room. Giving you the option of creating a shaded area for winter months or for keeping the insects out during the hot summer nights.

  1. Privacy

Whether it’s prying eyes or the sun’s harmful rays, external blinds help put you in control of your environment. External blinds are a great solution if your internal space is visible from the outside for your neighbours or people that pass by who can see inside your home. These blinds are designed for all situations with a range of fabrics designed to help you retain your view while maintaining your privacy right through to 100% block out to keep the world at bay. Keeping your noisy neighbours away from prying inside your home.

  1. Aesthetics

Improve your homes exterior design by adding external blinds. External blinds come in various shapes and sizes that are custom designed for different windows and spaces to suite your needs. They also come in vast fabric options and powder coating colours that you can customise to match your building colours or choose a shade that will complement the building design. External blinds also add a homely feature to the building as it dresses it up and gives it a completed look.

  1. Harmful UV Rays

With an external blind, you can be sure that you will be protected from any harmful UV rays that could potentially damage your skin. The fabric reflects the harmful UV rays from entering the covered space, making it safe for the whole family to enjoy.

  1. Dust Protection

Offers excellent protection against dust and other elements that could cause the home interior to get dirty. This is a great option for people with allergies or people that simply want to cut their cleaning chores.

  1. Save Costs

Save money as these blinds prevent the house from extreme weather conditions which require energy for air conditioning. During the scorching summer months, the blinds act as a shield, keeping the heat out. While in the winter months the fabric prevents heat loss as they stop warm air from escaping out the window.

  1. Lifestyle Benefits

With an external blind your lifestyle at home will increase as you can now maximise the usage of your space all-year round and it ensures long term protection from sun, wind, rain, and harmful UV rays. Not only does an external blind come with various benefits for you but it also increases your home value overall. If you plan to sell your house an external blind is a great feature to add to your home to increase the value of your home over an internal blind that will be taken down by the new tenants.