With all of the stress that life can bring, it’s good to work on making your spaces as comfortable as possible. This is particularly true if you find yourself confined to a few areas, in one of your rooms or at the office. Being tucked away in a dull, uncomfortable room for hours on end is far from welcoming, but it does not need to be that way. This post hopes to offer up some handy tips to maximise comfort levels in your space.


Think About Colour

First and foremost, considering the colour of your space is a great way to make things more comfortable. Using soft colours, such as powder blue can calm the senses and in turn make your space a more soothing area to inhabit. Add textures, colours that match your personality and style. By doing this it helps create a feeling that it’s your own space, creating a homely and comfortable atmosphere. When selecting a palette, think about a place you feel calm and happy in. Then, use the colours associated with that mental image of nature to get your palette for your space.


Entertain Your Senses

There is a lot that you can do with a space to make it more comfortable, but the most effective is to please the senses. As previously mentioned, using soft colours can help with the looks, but this works equally well for scents too. Consider using different scents that fit your mood, such as lavender or vanilla to create a calming vibe. There are a number of ways to make your space smell incredible, such as potpourri, incense or standard air fresheners.


Keep Things Clean

Try to avoid any clutter, mess or dirtiness in your space. Your area is usually a reflection of your mood, so a cluttered space does not bode well for comfort levels. Similarly, a messy or dirty space is far from inviting, so try to keep everything tidy. A great way to rid yourself of clutter is to invest in storage boxes. This is a great way to compartmentalize and clear any clothes, cables or miscellaneous materials. Where possible, you can add features and furniture that accentuates the room and makes them comfortable to use.


Keep It Light with Issey’s Econox Horizontal Louvre

Your lighting is key to feeling comfortable in your space. Let in as much natural light as possible, and avoid any bright lights that jar the senses. Issey’s Econox Horizontal Louvre is the perfect product to manage lighting in your space and allows you to stay on top of all weather conditions. The opening and closing function helps create soft lighting and provides total control over the outdoor environment, perfect for relaxation and creating an ambient atmosphere. To find out more, click here.