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Sensors (Somfy)

> Sun

Sun sensors give you peace of mind knowing that when the sun’s harmful rays are out so is your Issey Sunshade.

Sun sensors are self powered via a built in photovoltaic cell and can be positioned anywhere on your façade due to their compact design with no cabling. Sun sensors automatically control the lowering and raising of awnings depending on the intensity of sunshine and a threshold pre-set by the installer.


Sensors-Sun> Wind

Wind sensors are a great option for awnings installed in areas frequently subjected to strong winds. By adding an anemometer to your awning (with a reaction time of only 2 seconds) you can rest assured that your awning will be automatically retracted if the wind exceeds a pre-determined threshold.


Sensors-Motion> Motion

Especially effective in folding arm awnings, the wind motion sensor measures the impact of wind horizontally, vertically and laterally and extends or retracts the awning as required adding a second layer of protection from damage that may result from high wind conditions.


> Rain Sensors

Protection against the rain is made easy with in-built, rain sensors that retract or extend the awning based on the rainfall threshold. Heavy downpours could also potentially cause damage to an awning, but the sensor allows for convenient protection. The wireless sensor measures the moisture and rainfall, and when the user selected threshold is exceeded, the awning moves automatically into place.


Time Control Sensor> Time Control

Time control sensors provide the option of your awnings to be retracted automatically depending on a pre selected time. It allows for easy and convenient control over your sun shade system.




Motorised Solutions (Somfy)

Issey’s range of motorised retractable products utilise Somfy motors. These motors are designed to fit unobtrusively within the core tube of the awning roll providing a strong yet quiet operation extending and retracting your awnings effortlessly.

Somfy motors are controlled by a hand-held remote control to move one or more awnings simultaneously at the touch of a button.


Automated Solutions

Automated-SolutionsOur range of retractable sun shades can easily be integrated with Building Management Systems which allows for convenient and flexible control.