A retractable awning is a sun shade solution that is attached on a horizontal surface such as a wall, doorway, top of a window, or over a deck. Awnings elegantly extend your living space by acting as a retractable, roll-out roof. This system is designed to block the sun, and protect people from harmful UV rays, and harsh glares. When retracted, the system goes back into its cassette to blend in with the surrounding building structure.

A shade sail is a flexible fabric tensioned between several anchor points on a pole, roof, or a wall. This solution is also designed to create outdoor shade based on the basic technology of a ships sail. Unlike a retractable awning, you cannot retract a shade sail as it is fixed in place. The only way of getting rid of the system is to manually take it down from the anchor points.

Retractable awnings come with various benefit for the user and their household. Getting an awning can cut down on your air conditioning budget considerably. As they reduce a significant amount of heat that enters the space by blocking out the suns heat.

Another benefit is that they are designed to be resistant to natural wear and damage from the elements, offering a longer lifespan for homeowners. An Issey retractable awning is designed to withstand Australian climatic conditions including being rust proof for locations by the beach or on water.

Having a retractable awning can make your life easier as it gives you the power of extending or retracting the space with a touch of a button. By fully extending the awning you extend the space and comfort of your home by creating undercover shading. When the system is not being used, you can retract it back into the headbox with no poles or structures in the way.

In heavy weather conditions awnings, can retract back into its cassette preventing it from getting damaged by the heavy rains and winds. To make it even more simpler for you, Issey’s awnings come with the option of adding automated sensors to them. Meaning that you don’t have to be home to retract the system when there is a storm as the system will automatically retract on its own. Whereas a shade sail cannot be retracted it must be manually removed and detached from the anchor posts.

Retractable awnings are especially suited for compact areas such patio, terrace, or verandas, as well as situations with low ceiling clearances. The pivoted brackets allow for a flexible incline of up to 90 degrees. By placing a retractable awning in a confined space gives you the capabilities of retracting it back into its cassette when you aren’t using it or require that extra bit of space. Having a shade sail in these locations won’t be as affected as the space is already small enough and adding pivot anchors, poles or any other object will reduce the space that is available for usage.

With a retractable awning system, your lifestyle at home will increase as you maximise the usage of your space and ensure long term protection from sun. Not only does an awning come with various benefits but it also increases your home value overall. If you plan to sell your house an awning is a great feature to add to your home to increase the value of your home over a shade sail that is cheaper and lower quality and will most likely be removed by the new home owners.