When it comes to interior design and creating a beautiful space to live in, size isn’t everything. Even the tiniest apartment can be transformed into a unique living space packed full of character. Here are five tried-and-tested design tips to help you get plenty of personality out of your diminutive home.

  1. Colour, colour, and more colour. One of the easiest ways to present instant personality through your space is through colour. It can be tempting to slip into the easy realm of neutral, beige colour schemes when dealing with a small space because it feels as if you don’t have much to work with. Resist the urge and get bold and bright with colours – you’ll instantly add a splash of fun to the space and create an eye-catching effect.
  2. Reflect the light. Light and the use of reflection is a simple way to expand the look of your room without having to invest in an extension. A dark space will feel more cramped than it is, while a light and airy room can add the illusion of depth. Make sure you have a window available with lightweight curtains or blinds to maximise the light in the room. Tall vertical drapes will also make the space appear taller. Use strategically placed mirrors to add depth and brighten up the room even more.
  3. Get creative with furnishings. Small furniture in a small space can leave your room looking like a dollhouse. Don’t be afraid to think big when it comes to sofas and furnishings – a large comfy couch can create a cosy feel, while functional shelving and tables that fold in and then expand are perfect mixing and matching in a smaller space. Choose pieces that reflect your unique character and, once again, play with colour to really draw personality out of the room.
  4. It’s all in the details. Sometimes the small details in a room are the places where personality can shine through the most. Frame your favourite pictures, decorate surface areas with trinkets and objects that represent your personal style, and don’t forget to choose light fixtures and design accessories that fit with your aesthetic.
  5. Don’t neglect the walls. Because there’s less wall surface area to work with in a small space, this can be a great opportunity to be creative with wallpaper. A fun pattern or interesting texture can make a small room come alive – just remember to keep it light and bright.