Case Studies

Punch Lane Wine Bar, Melbourne, Victoria

Punch Lane Wine Bar needed a sun, wind and space solution for its outdoor dining area. The owners wanted a flexible way to enclose the area, which is situated on a narrow footpath, with heavy flowing traffic. They also wanted to protect customers dining outdoors from the sun and wind. It was using heavy, obtrusive, protection barriers and umbrellas.

In partnership with award-winning architect, Jackson Clements Burrows, Issey provided a solution that was not only functional, but stylish and vibrant. Three Laguna folding arm awnings (two 2.95m x 1.5m; one 2.25m x 1.5m) were installed to provide effective, retractable overhead cover. Two Vertiroll tensioned screens (2.95m x 2.4m) were installed to create a vertical wind break and barrier between the street and the wine bar.

The Laguna and Vertiroll systems retract into slimline headboxes at the touch of a button. Both models were fitted with a Soltis see-through fabric so the clientele could enjoy the ambience of al fresco dining, the activity of the street, while feeling shielded and separated enough to relax and enjoy their meals. To add interest and create a stunning, eye-catching effect, we printed the Punch Lane logo on the material.

Issey’s solutions improved the wine bar’s outdoor area, while protecting its customers from sun and wind, and maintaining the ambience of al fresco dining. Issey’s Laguna and Vertiroll solutions provide optimal sun protection as well as branding for the restaurant. The products blocked the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays, while providing protection from the wind, increasing customer comfort and their dining experience.

The awnings and blinds’ striking design and vibrant colour add character and stand out, raising awareness of the wine bar and potentially attracting more customers. The system’s retractability saves time, instead of having to set up and pull down the heavy, obtrusive, protection barriers and umbrellas inside at night. This also protects the blinds from vandals.

The headbox protects the shade from weathering, therefore prolonging the life of the system.


Commercial – Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) was experiencing sun problems in its iconic training dome – the biomechanics dome – which houses a two-storey laboratory in which athletes are filmed and their actions measured as they run, jump or throw.

The laboratory’s functions were being hindered by excessive light entering the translucent roof during the day. The brightness was not enabling visual clarity or accurate testing by the sensitive equipment. The staff’s comfort level was also affected by the heat, so they had to delay testing until late afternoon or early evening.

Issey had to provide a product that would block out the majority of sunlight, and be installed on a 12m high roof. Further, no drilling was allowed into the dome due to a fear of falling debris, potentially injuring staff and athletes, or damaging expensive testing equipment.

Issey developed a variation of its external product, the Rollerfall waterfall window awning, to suit the internal, curved blackout application. Measuring 5.5m x 2.7m, each of the nine systems overlap to ensure minimal light enters through the gaps, to ensure effective sun control. The systems were outfitted in a Indtex blackout fabric, which blocks out most light and heat. This provides comfort to staff and athletes and enables more accurate testing by the technicians.

Due to the size and height of the installation, the systems were motorised and retractable, and hardwired back to a central location for easy operation. The shades retract into a slimline headbox which protects them when not in use, and therefore prolongs the life of the system. To address the inability to drill issue, Issey owner and principal designer, Lane van den Akker, developed an innovative alternative   to securing the shades – a technically sophisticated way to securely bolt the heavy, robust systems around the existing steel structures. Issey installers used safety harnesses and access equipment to secure the systems to the dome. They also liaised with various stakeholders across multiple departments.

Issey provided purpose-built, effective solutions that benefited both staff and athletes. The systems could be extended during the daylight hours to enable effective testing, and be retracted to let in natural light as required.

Commercial – Stott Hoare, Osborne Park, Western Australia

The client’s office has a second-floor courtyard that they wanted to use all year round and keep the sun off the windows to reduce heat inside.

Issey designed a Star system to fit the client’s existing framework, which minimised costs. The system covered the whole courtyard area, provided shelter from wet weather and shade during warmer days. The roof can be retracted to allow sunlight during colder days.

The client can now use a space that had previously been wasted and entertain guests all year round.