Case Studies

Residential – Laguna, Perth, Western Australia

Our client wanted to maximise their outdoor entertaining area, while complementing the design of the home. Their doublestorey home receives direct sunlight on both levels, with a balcony on the second floor and entertaining area on the first floor. The balcony overlooks the entertaining area and sun protection on the first floor would not completely cover the entertaining area.

After viewing the property and analysing the situation, our Issey consultant confirmed that the balcony required a shade solution that would also provide sun protection over the entertaining area.

The solution included installing two Unicom units and a Issiroll on the second floor. The Issiroll protected the window from direct sunlight and would  help reduce energy consumption, and therefore the electricity bill. The first Unicom unit protected the balcony from direct sunlight, provided shade to the balcony and sun protection to the second floor.

The second Unicom unit covered the remaining section of the second floor, while providing a solution to the entertaining area below. The Laguna provided a wide area of sun shade protection, allowing the family to enjoy their outdoor entertaining area at the touch of a button.

This unobtrusive solution provided the practical results the client was after, enhanced their lifestyle, helped improve energy efficiency, and added value to their home. The colours worked well and complemented the design of the home.

Residential – Vaucluse, New South Wales

A client in Sydney’s affluent suburb of Vaucluse required several solutions for various sun problems.

They needed a way to block heat and glare from their home, without blocking natural light. They required a blackout blind for their theatre room, and blinds for privacy in other rooms. Importantly, they wanted solutions that would maintain the style and beauty of their home.

Issey installed two Verasun glass roof awnings (7.2m x 2.6m), which provided overhead shade for the home’s balcony pergola, protecting the interior from heat, glare and damaging UV rays. We installed a Blackout (3.2m x 2.4m) in the home theatre, giving 100% darkness, so the client could enjoy its entertainment system during the day, without the sun’s glare.

We installed five internal blinds (four 2.2m x 3.2m; one 1.895m x 0.8m), which provided privacy and light control. A Laguna folding arm awning (9.3m x 3m) was installed on the outdoor patio to protect against heat and shield against glare, while extending the living area and providing a shady outdoor haven. Two Unicom drop arm awnings (3.7m x 1.2m) were installed on a balcony to provide shade and in the living room to block sun in the afternoon, reducing glare and heat.

Issey’s products addressed a range of heat and glare issues. Although different applications, Issey’s three customised solutions complemented each the other and blend seamlessly into home’s façade, adding style and value.

“Issey met our requirements for each application with exceptional products and services. We would highly recommend them for sun and shade solutions because we believe their products are high quality and their services are professional and reliable”.

Hospitality – Eureka Hotel, Geelong, Victoria

The Eureka Hotel had undergone a $5 million redevelopment, including an impressive rooftop beer garden, ideally to be used all-year-round, in all weather conditions. In winter, due to inclement weather, the beer garden was not being used and was not appealing to customers. Conversely, in summer, the weather was more inviting and the rooftop beer garden proved very popular. However, the direct sunlight and heat made it uncomfortable and unattractive to customers. The client wanted a solution that would enable the rooftop beer garden to be used, be a comfortable experience for customers, without interrupting its panoramic rooftop views.

Issey’s solution involved custom designing a Fabric Tension System (FTS) roof that would cover the whole beer garden. The custom design allowed the FTS roof to provide protection from the winter temperatures and rain, and direct sunlight and heat in summer, while being visually appealing. The system’s ability to retract the roof allowed the client to maximise the varying weather conditions and its patrons to enjoy the experience and the views.

Our solution met all the client’s requirements while complying with the historic site regulations.

“The plans were quite sophisticated and appealing to the hotel’s demographic with comfort, security and sparkle in mind. We wanted it to be an evolution as a pub – one that sticks with the people who have supported it over the years.” – James Bate, Architect