Case Studies

Hospitality – Max Brenner & Coco Cubano, Joondalup, Western Australia

Max Brenner and Coco Cubano are located in a premises with a roof that does not cover the complete outdoor area. This meant the area could accommodate customers during wet weather conditions, and direct sunlight made it uncomfortable for customers during warmer periods. The client wanted to maximise the area, attract more customers and ensure they were comfortable under all conditions.

Issey designed a Star retractable roof system shelter during wet weather and to shade during warmer months. The design incorporated a heating system to warm the area during cold weather, while keeping the roof retracted to allow sunlight.

The Star system overcame the client’s shade and shelter challenges while making the area more inviting for customers. At the touch of a button, the client can now provide customers with shelter during wet weather conditions, and open the roof for warmth and sunlight during colder months. The roof also doubled their outside seating capacity.

“The shades are really great for providing shade during summer, and protection from the rain during winter. On cooler days, we can retract the shades to allow the sun to shine through. We are very happy with this solution and Issey’s professionalism and service throughout the whole process.”

Max Brenner, Manager

Queensland Scientific Research Centre

Commercial – Queensland Scientific Research Centre, Brisbane, Queensland

The centre includes a large building with plant glasshouses and animal greenhouses used to conduct experiments by various departments. As the client was finding it difficult to control heat and light inside the greenhouses and glasshouses, it was unable to conduct experiments, particularly when temperatures were too high for consecutive days. Also as each glasshouse is owned by a separate organisation, they each required individual retractable sun shades.

Issey Custom built over 50 Issirolls for the centre, all with automatic motors operated remotely, individually, allowing each department to operate its sun shades as their experiments required. We chose a grey material for the Issirolls as it allows light and reduces the heat. The enabled the centre to continue with its research.

Each department was enabled to operate its sun shades individually, and continue its experiments as required. The cost of the overall system was reduced by installing a system that uses one motor to operate three blinds instead of having to purchase a motor for each blind. Significantly, the system reduced each department’s financial losses by reducing the amount of failed experiments due to excessive heat.

Laguna, South Perth

Residential – Laguna, South Perth

Our client wanted to maximise the use of their courtyard by providing cover against the western sun throughout the summer. Which caused them great discomfort by creating heat, glare and were exposed to the harmful UV rays. They also wanted to make sure that the temperature was managed from that side of the house where their kitchen and sitting room is.

After viewing the property and analysing the situation, our Issey consultant confirmed that the courtyard required a shade solution that would also provide sun and heat protection over their kitchen and sitting area.

The solution included installing one Laguna system in their courtyard area. The Laguna provides direct protection from the sunlight in their courtyard area. While it also created shade protection of the windows that were previously exposed to direct sunlight and would also help reduce energy consumption, and therefore the electricity bill.


This solution provided the practical results the client was after, enhanced their lifestyle, helped improve energy efficiency, and added extra value to their home. The product worked great in that space and looked beautiful with it’s frame and fabric colours that complimented the building design.

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying having my Laguna retractable awning. It has absolutely transformed my back courtyard and made it a much more usable and beautiful space.

I was so impressed with the entire team involved in designing and installing the awning, and am so grateful to have had such a competent group of people to create such a fantastic product. The awning is excellent in every way – it creates a space I can now use regularly no matter the weather. The wind sensor has triggered a couple of times, but only when it was entirely appropriate. And the awning provides much greater comfort in my kitchen and sitting room, which used to be very hot in the afternoons due to western sun hitting the windows.

So many people have commented on the awning and I have happily told them about your company and the staff you employ. The whole experience was easy and well worthwhile. Although the awning wasn’t inexpensive it was absolutely worth every cent and was an excellent investment. I just love it.

Thanks so much.

Helen Carter