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Premium Quality Made In Australia

Low sun angles and high winds can be issues when considering external shading for your home. Along with finding a solution that will effectively deter heat, glare and damaging UV rays, you want a system that is aesthetically pleasing and enhancing to your home’s external design.

Unicom’s drop arm awning will capture your attention with its clear shape and its sleek slimline details. It’s designed to enhance the beautiful outdoor surrounding views, while being fully extended. Unicom’s robust and full cassette shape makes it suitable for residential and commercial use. It’s ideal for verandas, balconies, and upper floor windows as these awnings can withstand strong wind. The spring loaded arm can be stopped at any position up to an angle of 115 degrees.

The awning also comes in another model, the Unicom Overhang; it’s engineered to suit a side-hung outward opening windows and doors.

The awning is available in acrylic or screen fabric, for optimal visual effect we suggested the screen fabric. The control motion of the Unicom provides comfort from the varying degrees of the raising or setting sun, prevent damaging UV rays and stop the glare.

A Unicom awning can span up to 6 metres or couple to 7.5 metres. It is a discerning choice offering superior protection from the elements for residential, commercial and hospitality applications.

Product Information

  • Low angled to block morning or afternoon sun
  • Can be stopped at any intermediate point depending on angle of sun
  • Spring loaded arms for high wind resistance and taut fabric
  • Effective heat, glare and UV deterrent
  • See-through fabric available to preserve the view
  • Striking design to elevate the façade and lift the architectural appearance of buildings
  • Retractable for an inconspicuous appearance
  • Slimline, unobtrusive headbox
  • Because of the design of the system windows may be left ajar
  • Highly effective in the tropics
  • Up to 6m wide with a 2m drop
  • Extended from 0 – 115 Degrees
  • Balconies
  • Verandas
  • Loggias
  • High level windows
  • Retail windows
  • Can fit onto eaves
  • Manual crank
  • Motorised
  • Automatic sensors
  • Building Management System (BMS)

A range of practical optional weather sensors makes the motorised Unicom easy to operate conveniently while extending its lifetime when fitted with sun, wind, or rain sensor

Trendsetting long-lasting colours that take your breath away. Issey fabrics stay looking attractive as the high quality pigments are already embedded into basic fabrics. A wide selection of colours and patterns are available with outstanding durability and colour fastness. The best suitable fabric for Unicom is screen as it leaves the view still visible. The screen fabrics sunblock can block a range from 86% to 96%.
The acrylic fabric blocks the sun up to 99.5% and creates shade. Both acrylic and screen fabric provide heat, glare, and UV protection. They are directly influenced by the colour of the fabric. The screen fabric is also rot and fungus proof, and prevents dirt from building up. The fabric comes in a large range of plain and designer stripes.

A vast range of cutting edge powder coating and anodising colours available. For optimum performance and perfect match with its surrounding architecture, all powder coating and anodising is done locally.